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Facebook has a number of good NCT sites:

  • NCT Porch: Chris Fales admin.
  • New Covenant Theology: Louis Lyons admin.
  • Discover New Covenant Theology: Wayne Hinton admin.
  • Soteriology, New Covenant Theology and Other Stuff: John Mergel admin
  • New Covenant Grace: David White admin

In-Depth Studies: An NCT group ran by pastor Geoff Volker. A phenomenal resource for a wide range of NCT needs. Oriented for ordinary church members. It has two podcasts: NCT Answers and Living in the New Covenant. You can also watch videos on NCT called IDS Hour.

Cross to Crown Ministries Another fantastic resource. Geared toward those wanting more depth. Led by pastor Doug Goodin. Has the priceless archive of the excellent Sound of Grace journal edited by John Reisinger. Lots of edifying videos by pastor Goodin. Boasts an audio section and a music section, too. They have a new podcast The Cross to the Crown, with hosts pastor Goodin and Chris Fales.

David H. J. Gay Ministry David H. J. Gay is almost unique, as he is one of the very few British followers of NCT. Tons of excellent resources, especially ebooks on NCT.

theidolbabbler By JC Rooney. Customed for the ordinary believer; touches on a wide range of topics. Some good sources for NCT.

Bearing Christ Crucified and Risen  By Christopher VanDusen. Lots of stimulating short articles on NCT.

Noble Ministries  A broad range of articles by Jay Noble. Some good sources for NCT.

Blake White By pastor Blake White. Lots of great NCT resources: videos, blog, sermons. Much to ponder.

“The Narrow Road”: Blogs by Shane Kastler By pastor Shane Kastler. Some NCT articles. Well articulated and argued.

New Testament Reformation Fellowship By Stephen Atkerson. Similar to ids, NTRF is dedicated to NCT and its application to the fullness of Christian life.

wordofhisgrace.org  By Peter Ditzel. A Calvinistic/New Covenant Theology site. Has  articles, booklets, audio, and a newsletter. A worthy NCT ministry reaching to the international community.

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