For those looking for an excellent series of sermons to listen to on audio, look no further than the series preached at the 2018 NCT Heritage Conference. It was held in Pastor Shane Kastler’s church during October, 2018. [Heritage Baptist Church, 3501 Ernest Street, Lake Charles, LA 70605.] 

Stuart Brogden opened proceedings with, “Jesus: the True Sabbath.” A refreshing and exegetical explanation of Jesus as the true Sabbath. I derived more theology from this one sermon than heaps of sermons I’ve heard from numerous pulpits. Stuart also gave an very helpful account of Reformed and Covenant Theology from a Particular Baptist perspective, “A Particular Baptist Perspective on Reformed & Covenant Theology.” He closed his ternate of sermons with, “The Gospel Blessedness of the New Covenant.”

Pastor Shane Kastler spoke on the theme of, “Undying Joy in a Dying World.”

Ron McKinney preached about “Joy in Death” and “Joy in Fear.

The link to the sermons is below: