A godly man and a founder of New Covenant Theology, John G. Reisinger, departed from this world of sin into the bosom of his Savior in heaven, December 27, 2018. I am not the man to write a short bio, for I never knew him. So, I provide links to a couple of sites that include accounts of his life. I can say this, that if Facebook is anything to go by, Reisinger’s writings have been go-to texts for many a NCT follower. Just two days ago I shared NCT with a brother from my (MacArthur) church. It turns out that he was a follower of NCT without knowing it! The book I gave to him to follow through? John G. Reisinger’s Tablets of Stone. I encouraged the brother to read anything by Reisinger. That was the highest praise I could offer of Reisinger. We thank God for brother Reisinger. Pray that his legacy will spread throughout the church and that his family will be comforted in the Holy Spirit.

Here are a couple of links that remember Reisenger:


There are also writings and audio by Reisinger: