By Angus Harley

It’s repulsive enough that the modern culture rams down our throat every moment, every second, of the day its ultra-feminist, gay-affirmative, trans agenda, but it is utterly repugnant and evil that the Woke agenda, and the modern culture, have force-fed us with the victim culture. A robber breaks into a home, threatening the life of its occupants by his mere presence, and the owner is put on trial- either in court or publicly, or both- for shooting the robber! A man can murder fellow soldiers, crying out ‘Allahu Akbar’, and we, the nation, are told the man had a mental illness, needs our compassion, and that we in the white-empowerment lynching mob should be restrained because ‘We’re gonna get you!’. I’m told that as a white male I should pay reparations for the enslavement of Africans here in the United States. 

Why do evangelicals feed into this? Why are they jumping on the bandwagon of the victim culture? I wish I didn’t need to speak about any of these things, but the victimhood culture is deep-rooted in evangelical assemblies! What follows are some examples of victim culture in evangelicalism.

‘Theology is divisive’. There is some truth to that mere statement, but I’ve no intention of developing this thought here. I’ve heard the complaint so often. But there’s a new twist. Those who worship theology are oppressing their victims by forcing their hair-splitting views on them! So we are told. Do these theologians not know what they are doing to Christians? We are now way beyond the rejection of theology. Now, those whose ears are ‘assaulted’ with theology are victims of theological assailants! Jesus, Paul, and the apostolic group were way out of line: how dare they batter our ears with deep teaching!

You’re harsh!‘ Again, some truth to this. Yet, the modern version is that to speak harshly is always and only destructive, and that those who speak in this way are attacking the body of Christ, and the soul of the Christian. John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul will have to pay emotional reparations for their ‘invective’, and go to Saturday morning meetings that reconcile the angry one with the victim. In the name of the Lord, of course! 

‘They’re all Christian.’ This view goes way beyond the standard, ‘vanilla’ criticism that puts conservative evangelicals in their place. The vanilla view says, for example, that Roman Catholics must be Christians because they believe in Jesus, and we have no right to judge anyone for only God knows the heart. A man can openly worship Mary, pray to saints, claim Mary was a co-redeemer, believe in salvation by works, and at the same time believe in the Gospel, so we are told. Nowadays, we have moved on from this basic position to victimhood. Who are you, it is said, to violate the personal, private faith of a fellow believer? Don’t you see what you’re doing to them? Build bridges. Esteem them. Build them up. The jar is half full and not to be smashed. Be encouraging. That fellow Jesus will have to go to Sunday School to relearn what happens on Judgment Day (cf., Matt.7:21-23).

‘Why don’t you stand for the rights of the oppressed?’ Again, some truth to it. The modern evangelical is quick, for example, to lay blame on the ‘conservatives’ for questioning the government’s ‘scientific’ view of Covid. We should listen to science. It was to ‘love your neighbor’ to get a vaccine. Holy smoke, brothers and sisters, let’s all get the vaccine and love our neighbors! Don’t forget those breath mints, whilst your at it, because we could be assaulting people with our nasty breath!

‘We’ve got to love even murderers!’ No doubt! A transgender woman can murder six people in a Christian school, including three children, and the Christians must not make this about the transgender issue, nor express fear for Christianity, nor even express any hatred of any kind for the murderer. She or he is a victim, mentally ill, in need of our love and prayers. Yes, the person with an illness must be given over to justice, but the nasty red-neck white-evangelical lynch mob is just as evil, and must be restrained and retrained. So, it is best to spend the majority of your posts in criticizing the bigger evil of the white-conservative Christian lynch mob who are just haters! This weekend, evangelicals, bow your knees for the trans community, and pray for God to transform those nasty Christians!

The above is just some of the forms of the modern victim culture in the evangelical assembly. I make no apology for utterly rejecting this bile as being from the pit of hell. I’m Scottish by birth (not by nationality), and my ancestors didn’t belong to the United States. The victim crowd are not getting a penny from me! I rejoiced that an evil, wicked person- a murderer- was removed from the face of the earth in regard to a certain school. I lamented for innocent children murdered, and good, law abiding, hard-working, adults slain, and brothers and sisters in Christ subjected to the evil of murder! To say nothing of the unspeakable evil unleashed on the school itself and the families of the deceased. I will not apologize for these view of mine, nor will I be making reparations. And I am more than willing to be divisive if it means that the Gospel and God’s people are protected from an apostate Gospel. Let them be anathema! And to all those Christian ‘victims’ who expect reparations for perceived grievances, I say this to them, “Get behind me, Satan!”